Technical Capabilities

“Team with a vision for the better future is the backbone in our organisation”

Technical skill is often better at multitasking in a challenging and complex role. With task associated with technical sufficient technical ability with Engineering Design, Product Development, Project management, Production on-spot engineering support. Product mechanics, science or finance. We are able to show our work to colleagues and clients more confidently

Engineering Capabilities

Engineering design & Product development

Our facilities work with different customers. Customers can provide product information as their need, we put it into a design and provide them a design, based on the product definition and specifications provided by the customer, After the design concept has been proved and agreed, we will proceed with detailed engineering design.

Project management

Engineers into special taskforces according to their knowledge, skills and techniques to execute projects efficiently and effectively in order to achieve project goals or produce a unique product within limited time and scope set by our customers.

Production on-spot engineering support

Crafty Engineering team plays an important role in helping customers to resolve problems found during the production process. Our experience not only helps to put the new product into production on time but also ensures subsequent production can be carried out smoothly

Manufacturing Setup

As production efficiency plays an important part in the control of the production cost of a product, our manufacturing team has always strived to achieve the ultimate production efficiency without compromising the quality of the products. Work stations are designed and manufacturing process is setup to provide easy access flow on the production.